I’m Merrin Dorothy, a colourful creative from the rolling hills of Gippsland, Australia.

Who am I?

My followers perhaps know me best as the cheerful and cheeky red-haired designer behind the bright and playful patterns iconic of the Make Merriness brand. It all officially began in 2015 when I began playing with creating digital patterns from my simple hand painted watercolour illustrations as a hobby.

My passion for design, pattern and colour began in my teens and has only continued to grow since then. Like many creatives however I don’t just stay in one lane. I’ve been forever known to dabble in a great many creative projects and passions…

Some may know me as the Marketing & Events Coordinator at Mid Valley Shopping Centre where I take pride in bringing exciting school holiday events to life and spreading colour and cheer throughout the centre with the changing seasons.

Others may know me as “Miss Merri” the playful children’s entertainer and host of Nursery Rhyme Time at Mid Valley Shopping Centre. You may have also seen me entertaining children at local events and children’s parties with my team from Happy Little Valley.

Or perhaps you remember me as the community minded and quirky previous owner the Yinnar General Store where my husband Matt and I spent eleven wonderful years as it’s custodians. We took pride in supporting local makers and celebrating the Yinnar community as well as the store’s rich hundred year old history.

What do I love?

I adore colourful patterns, sparkles and spreading cheer – but that’s pretty clear.

Here are some things you probably didn’t know I loved…

Sharing Ideas.
Forming connections with local makers to assisting them to reach their goals is a passion which began during my time at Yinnar General Store. I enjoy brainstorming with them, growing their ideas and assisting with branding concepts to grow their business.

Wherever I am I celebrate my community whether it’s my home town of Yinnar and district or the community I work in at Mid Valley Shopping Centre. Supporting local and collaborating with local community groups is a humbling experience. When a community bands together and supports one another it is a beautiful thing.

I enjoy preserving history and reflecting on it. This was something I was especially passionate about during my time running the Yinnar General Store.  

Taking peaceful walks amongst lush forests and gardens is calming and grounding. I’ve spent over ten years planting hundreds of trees on my parents farm in the Jeeralangs. Watching them grow gives me a sense of pride knowing that I’m creating a peaceful haven for birds and wildlife and will leave something behind for future generations to enjoy.

I live in an old house in the rustic and beautiful small country town of Yinnar with my husband Matt and two children Milo and Maple. Plus our two miniature sausage dogs and a black and white cat. I adore spending lazy days with them snuggling in blankets or enjoying the sunshine.

As we spent eleven years running our own business we didn’t have much time away.
I now feel spoilt in my new role where I have the ability to spend time away with my family. In early 2023 we had our first family holiday in years spending three amazing weeks exploring Japan. We can’t wait to save up and go back again!

Say Hello!

I would love to hear from you and see your photos of where my designs end up, make sure you drop by and say hello on social media!

You can find me on the following social media platforms:



I’m often working on new designs in my spare time, follow me on social media and if you spot a particular design you like comment or message me to let me know you would like to see it available in my store.

Thank you for your support and for spreading the word about makemerriness!

Here’s a photo from when it all started with my first market stall!

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